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 Thinking about doing some backyard Camping for kids and Adults? Then you came to the right place. backyard camping ideas is the perfect way to have fun in the backyard. You don’t need very much preparation or lots of planning like taking everyone out to the mountains or campgrounds. You just need to set your tent up start a nice fire, cook some hot dogs  and marshmallows play some backyard camping games and you will totally enjoy fun backyard camping ideas for kids, and the whole family. So get out there and have fun backyard camping with all our backyard camping gear on-sale,

Cooking over flames makes backyard camping much more realistic and enjoyable for the kids. So if it’s possible stay out of the kitchen and cook over an open fire using your fire pit.

A good idea for lunch or supper would be hotdogs or sausage on a stick cooking over your backyard fire pit.

For dessert after that big meal try marshmallows or some smores which ever you prefer or better yet as the kids what they would want.

Remember that cooking over a fire can be dangerous especially for young children. Adult supervision should attend the firepit if young children are present and cooking up a storm themselves.:

After supper is over and the kids are getting restless, it’s time for some backyard camping for kids and try a few of these fun backyard games. A fun game of hide and seek can be fun for the kids. Maybe a quick game of tag or dodge ball. If the kids are older then maybe a game of flag football or soccer can be arranged. For the experienced backyard camper try making up some original game that can be played in the back yard as well. Just make it’s safe and easy to play.

Another great set of games that can enjoyed by most is setting up a scavenger hunt and get creative with it. As well everyone enjoys a good throwing game like lawn darts, horseshoes or even try lawn bowling. If you have a group of people together or a larger family then a good old fashion game of croquet would a nice addition to the almost seems endless games you can enjoy in your family backyard camping trip. .

Doesn’t backyard camping kids and backyard camping adults sound like a lot of fun. If you haven’t done this before you should get outside  this summer and try backyard camping for kids and adults, it’s the next best thing to being on vacation in the mountains.



Backyard camping ideas for kids and adults can be the best vacation you can go on especially if the campgrounds are full of just can’t get away to camp, As s matter of fact camping is the best way our family loves to do in the summer.  It is  such an awesome way to spend lots of quality time together as a family.

It is also a very cost effective way to spend money on holidays.  If we had it our way we would  camp every weekend of the summer, but that’s just not possible, so the next best thing is camping in the backyard with our Kids. Most Everyone enjoys camping whether it be at a campground or backyard.

Here are some more  tips can try to have a great time with our backyard camping ideas in the backyard with your kids!

When kids get involved in the setup  and planning of the camping trip the more enthused they are about going. If your kids are  old enough they can help  set up the tent in the back and gather up some fire wood for the fire pit.  The younger kids can get the pillows and blankets to make the tent set up complete.

Make it comfortable!

Once tent is setup it’s a good idea to use an air mattress for the bed as I s much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground with just a sleeping bag. Once air mattress is blown up and in tent then use a sleeping bag and carry extra blankets  in case they are needed if it’s a cool night out. Making sure the tent and beds are comfortable is a must to enjoy the full effect of camping in the backyard..  We have learned this the hard way over the years!  The bigest tip about sleeping in the tent is make sure you put a blanket on top the air mattress first then put the sleeping bag on top so air from the ground doesn’t keep coming up and making the bed cold.

Make sure the kids have access to good night lighting!

One of the biggest fears with any young child is the fear of the dark.  To fix this problem make sure you have good flashlights with new batteries in them. Kids love to play with flashlights in the dark as well. Another good idea for lighting is the headlamp not from the car but from the hat you can buy with headlights on them. That’s another fun way you can have with kids so they are not crying because it’s dark and they are scared.

Also setup a lantern just outside the tent so it can provide not only light but it is also a great way to provide  heat in the tent and is another way you can make the tent more comfortable and more enjoyable when it’s time to go to sleep.

Camp Fire just like campgrounds

It just isn’t the same if a campfire is not present. if lucky enough to have a fire pit then definitely use it, Backyard Camping ideas is just not the same without a fire going. Cooking hot-dogs and marshmallows just aren’t the same without cooking them over a real fire. When you really think about it backyard camping with kids is a lot easier because if you forget something or need something from the fridge  or house  you got your kitchen right at the campsite, how bonus is that. Not to mention ice and coolers are no longer needed when camping in the backyard.

Well this should give you a few good ideas when wanting to camp in the backyard with kids and hope you do take advantage of this idea because as most of do we all like to camp so why not try Camping in the backyard this summer and enjoy our backyard camping ideas and backyard camping ideas for kids and adults.




  • Hi Thanks for writing this great article on backyard camping for kids. What a great idea. I totally forgot how simple and easy it is to set up and do. The kids will see it as a real adventure as well. You pointed out another great benefit which was you don’t have to pack 101 different things/supplies….and then unpack them and clean them all when you return home. Cooking over a fire pit sounds great and the food will be interesting because it is different. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  • When I was a kid I did some backyard tent camping with my friends a couple of times. It was great.

    Now that I’m an adult, I don’t get to do that because my wife and daughter have no interest in camping of any kind.

    However, if I did, have some kids over for backyard camping, I would teach them some basic woods craft,, such as how to make a fire without matches, how to avoid getting lost in the woods and how to make chopsticks and spoons our of wood. Kids would be plenty motivated to do stuff, if they needed it to eat.

    • Hi Peter and thanks for the comments on my  BACKYARD CAMPING iDEAS For KiDS and glad you liked it. Sorry to hear your family isnt into camping much but great ideas on what to do if get a chance to backyard camp. Teaching kids the how to eat when camping is good idea..if they dont listen then you can always throw a dog on  a stick for supper and a marshmallow for dessert..Thanks again and ENJOY 🙂

  • I love the information provided for  Backyard Camping ideas For Kids. I work at a low income elementary school and try to offer many ideas that they can do at home. Most don’t have travel plans so I make sure they have backyard fun while staying at home. I’m going to bookmark this website backyard fun ideas so I can share fun backyard ideas with my students for next summer!

    • Hi Jodi and thanks for the comments on my  BACKYARD CAMPING iDEAS For KiDS and glad you are involved with kids and the interests especially at the elementary level. Thanks for bookmarking my site and yes have lots of cool backyard ideas for children of all ages.  Thanks again . Enjoy 🙂 

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