Warm weather is among us so how about the best backyard pools for kids so having fun outside in the backyard is a common place. This means the best way to cool off is a backyard pool for kids in the backyard. Remember when you were young you probably did the same thing. Who doesn’t like a dip in the backyard pools for kids and adults on a hot summer day. Kids especially enjoy this past time. At backyard fun ideas its no different here once it get too hot jumping in the kids swimming pool is the way to go. Swimming pools in the backyard is also a great way to relieve stress on a busy day. Kids get stressed too and a pool in the yard really helps. Another plus of owning a pool is its a great way to have friends over to enjoy and keep the kids entertained with there friends. Owning a pool makes you get a step closer to keeping up with the Joneses as well. Kidding a side lets talk best backyard pools for kids.small-backyard-swimming-pool

Owning a pool above ground is great but the utmost importance is safety when owning a pool, Its sad but true Drowning is the No. 1 killer of kids  from the ages 1 to 4, Its sad but true most drowning are very preventable. So if your kids are young like under 12 then please be aware and supervise all swimming activities.

Swimming lessons is also a great idea to get the kids involved in at an early age. The younger the better. If have older children in there teens then supervising isn’t as important unless there not strong swimmers and the pool you have is deep. They should understand at that age as well there strengths and weaknesses in the backyard pool for kids.

The best way to supervise older children is setting ground rules and making sure they abide by them. If there is a group of friends over then put someone in charge and police the pool. someone breaks the rules they get penalized just like you would if you break the law. Pool are extremely fun but can be extremely dangerous as well so just make sure the pool you have or decide to get one make sure its the safest one you feel is the best backyard pools for kids. In other words the safest one as well. The best way to decide on a best backyard pool for kids is how strong of a swimmer they are. You can always advance the pool as the child advances in swimming.



There is a l lot of deciding factors on what kind of pool to go with and the age of your kids should be the deciding factor. If you have really young children the decision wont be that hard. There are some very nice pools with little depth to still make the pool lots of fun for your youngster to enjoy in backyard pools for kids.. If your children are a little older then a deeper pool is better especially if they are good swimmers. there are a lot of big round pools that are quite deep and can even have a small diving board and slide attached to it. How cool is that and  how fun that will be in your backyard pools for kids and adults.

Again there are many decisions to make, which include pool shape,  and pool depth.  Pool depth depends entirely on the age and the strength of swimmers your kids are and how many children you have. The more kids you have or how many friends they invite over to enjoy your backyard pool the bigger the pool should be so everyone can enjoy it at the same time. Its amazing on how styles of pools you can get without actually digging your backyard out to make one and enjoy best backyard pools for kids.


  1. The most popular are Recreational Pools.  This kind of pool will be used by everyone in the family Crocodile-Water-Parkincluding parents and there friends and of course the kids and there friends.  These types of pools are usually large and deep on one end and shallower on the other. These backyard  pools for kids are usually the dugout custom pool with all the extras diving board and slide if equipped. But there are some plastic and rubber pools that are extremely large and deep as well for the fraction of the cost. On our products pages you will see what i mean there some incredible pools out there now that doesn’t take up your entire backyard with lots of maintenance that goes with a dugout pool. There is a backyard pools for kids and adults in this category for everyone and every family size and age

  2. The Second type are Lap Pools.  These are pools mostly used by athletic swimmers who do laps across the pool as fast as they can. This type of swimming pool is usually the same depth from one end to the other. These kind of pools are a common place in doors and not good for the recreation user or kids.   However if your a really strong swimmer and want to compete against other swimmers then this type of pool is definitely for you. Good luck.

  3. The third kind of pool is a diving pool.  This type of pool is big for older children who are good swimmers and like to utilize the diving board.. These pools are both indoors as well but as a backyard pool that has been dugout in the yard, If you go this route then make sure you can afford it and can swim well. This kind of pool is a deep pool that caters to diving enthusiasts.

  4. Lastly there are Backyard Pools for Kids. There are many kinds of these pools  to choose from as well. Everything from the wading pool which perfect for young kids who like the water even at a very early age. Then there are the round plastic and rubber pools which vary in shapes and sizes. Even these pools can be the best backyard pools for kids as they  cater to all ages of kids from weak to strong swimmers. You will see a sweet collection of backyard pool ideas in our products pages.


When choosing your best backyard pools for kids for some backyard fun, you probably will want some extra features that will make the kids have more fun and can can swim safer. Getting goggles or snorkels make the child more comfortable in the water. Lots of kids especially when first learning to swim don’t like water in the eyes or up there nose so these items will help for sure, A floating device or life jacket helps the beginner still have fun in the backyard swimming pools. For older kids or good young swimmers try adding a water slide or net and ball which turns the pool into water sports. These kind of activities help in getting your kids to learn to swim faster and better. We Hope this helps in your backyard pools for kids making right decisions on getting the best backyard pools for kids and adults.

Thanks again.

Wayne and Terri.










  • I love your site ! The textures and images are so fun and welcoming ! I have two kids who are grown now, and they still love to get in the pool and play with old dad! In fact it’s one of the few times I see them much !
    If there has ever been a good investment for time with your kids and family it’s a pool in the back yard !

  • These are some pretty cool pools for kids. They’re not only swimming pools, but also play castles. I didn’t know that there were diving pools for backyards. You probably need a big backyard, but it’s a great opportunity.

    Those recreational pools are great for backyard parties and will definitely give the kids something to play with for a long time.

    • Hi Tyler thanks for the comment on my  BEST BACKYARD POOLS FOR KIDS post. Yes some of them backyard pools for kids are crazy nothing like when i was a kid..Kinda wish i was a kid again and have a big backyard pool party with the friends..thanks again tyler and ENJOY 🙂

  • Good day,

    I really enjoyed your article on backyard pools.

    As you said, although it is fun, safety is of great importance, especially for the little ones.

    Really good tip you gave on picking the pool according to swimming ability, then upgrade as your kids progress.

    I was going to get a plain above ground pool (bit deeper) but after reading your article, I think I’ll get one of those recreational pools.

    My daughter is still young and I’m sure she’ll love it!

    Thanks again,

    • Thanks for the comment sally on my BEST BACKYARD POOLS FOR KIDS and glad you liked it. Yes I am sure your daughter would love a backyard pool and the pools you can get these days are quite amazing so you do not have to dig a big hole in the backyard anymore.  Thanks again for the comment .Enjoy 🙂

  • Thanks for the great post! I have to admit I’m a little jealous of the pools that are available for kids these days. I remember the hard plastic 12″ deep 6′ wide circle with the sharp edges we called a pool when I was growing up.

    I want to thank you for all the safety tips. You have to be diligent when kids are around water (well anything really).

    I’m off to check your product page now as the one with all the slides and spraying water has grabbed my attention.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Scott and thanks for the comment on my Best backyard pools for kids and I hear ya when you mention on the hard plastic pools that were made years ago when we were kids. The pools for kids and adults they make now for the backyard did come along way for sure. Thanks again and Enjoy ::)

    • Hi Scott and thanks for the comments on my Best Backyard Pools For kids post. I hear ya when you say your jealous on the backyard swimming pools that are available for kids these days. To be a kid again and have one of these pools in the backyard would be awesome.I guess we can spoil our kids with one these. Thanks again and ENJOY 🙂

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