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Thanks for visiting backyard fun ideas for kids. For the parents you really don’t want your kids to be glued to the tv, computer or tablet inside all day long on summer vacation do you. So when the sun is shining and the neighborhood looks shut down, you shouldn’t blame your kids for wanting to stay inside the house. Thankfully there are plenty of ideas and backyard activities for the whole family to enjoy and get the neighborhood alive again. This is where backyard fun ideas shine and helps the kids off the couch and into the great outdoors and into the backyard where its safe and here is some backyard ideas for kids.


Want to increase your time with your kids? Then take them outdoors to your backyard play-area with these awesome backyard ideas for kids. You don’t need to spend big dollars on really expensive playground equipment or build giant tree forts. Most kids enjoy simple things to have fun. Here you will find just that. Some simple imaginative ideas for the kids go along way so they keep having fun and wanting to go back outside.

Here are just a few really cool examples to encourage your kids to get outside and in the backyard. How about a neat sandbox to build a big sand castle. Have them cool off and run through the cool water-snake sprinkler system on a hot summer day. Maybe set up a basketball net and have them play hoops. Set up a swing set with a slide and seesaw. Another kid favorite is a playhouse or fort. Kids also love to set up and play in tents. Setup at tent and and enjoy some backyard fun ideas for kids..

basketball-net for kidsSummertime is always the funnest and most active for kids to enjoy the backyard or venturing out into the great outdoors . Some of the best things about having a cool backyard is there is plenty of room for the kids to runaround and enjoy it with friends and family.  However if there isn’t anything out there right now, we will show you some really good ideas to change that and you will have backyard envious by all the neighbors in the neighborhood.

We love when kids want to be outside instead of sitting around the house , we want to help make sure that is what all families want as well.  Being outside playing, running, jumping and doing all of this with family member and friends, its what summertime and being outdoors is all about.

Less time watching tv or playing with electronics is much more beneficial for your children especially when your backyard can be so much fun with so much to do. We at backyard fun ideas make sure we have a lot of cool ideas for you to choose from so everyone can decide on what will be the best options to play safe play outside and fill the backyard full of backyard fun ideas for kids..

We will show that there are so many different ways for the kids to get in the backyard and will have so much fun with there friends so many laughs and smiles will keep them playing or doing fun filled activities and of course the many games they can enjoy. Hope this site really helps the entire family get off the couch away from the tv  and in to your backyard for fun times and lots of good memories in the backyard fun ideas for kids.

Backyard fun ideas offers lots of room for kids to run around play with little supervision. What you will want to do is give the yard a playground atmosphere as kids can relate to playgrounds like in parks or schools. Like most playgrounds make sure it is what you want for the kids to have the most fun with the space that is allowed. When developing your backyard make sure it is kid friendly and safe for the many activities you can do in your new backyard playground . Here are 3 ways you can achieve this to ensure the kids will want to keep coming outside and into the backyard playground ideas.


1. Make sure you utilize the entire space in the backyard

A lot families who own there own homes sometimes will forget when building a backyard playground for kids is to make sure to leave enough open space and not clutter it up so there is little room to move freely around. A good spacious with a flat grassy area that has enough room  for a wide range of fun activities and all the major sports is a must.

Your newly developed play area with the extra space  now allows the kids for a large variety of backyard games from badminton to tag your it.  Also try to leave a few trees around the perimeter of the yard to give it a border. Trees offer shade to cool the children down and can be used to hide around or hang nets up for other sports and games.

2.Create a Good Sports Area and Playground.

Creating a good sports area should be a wide paved area for basketball and hockey. Also using washable paint you can make lines on the pavement for games like hopscotch or shuffleboard. Another good idea for he playground area is a dirt patch or sandbox. Here your kids can enjoy there tonka trucks or building sand castles. There is a wide range of your typical playground equipment which will complete your backyard fun ideas for kids

So adding a .swing set, a seesaw and monkey bars are a great addition just make sure you really look into these before purchasing as there are many different kinds, price ranges, and age groups. Make sure safety is 1st before purchasing.

3. Summertime Fun in the backyard just needs Water.


There is many different kinds of fun using water from elaborate swimming pools to the basic water sprinkler.Water is usually the dessert in the backyard. After a fun filled day of running around and playing the kids are hot and sweaty and there is nothing better than jumping in a pool or running through a sprinkler to cool off, so they can go again. Pools come in many shapes and sizes as well everything from the toddlers wading pool to the ever popular large round pool to the dugout diving pool in the backyard fun ideas for kids..

Again whatever pool you decide on make sure safety is the most important,the bigger and deeper the pool the more supervision is required if kids are involved.

Hope this helps you get backyard fun ideas and lets get everyone out of the house and outside for summertime backyard fun for the kids.

THANK YOU and Keep having backyard fun ideas for kids.


(: Wayne and Terri 😉








  • Hello Rokman
    I’m agree with you that in summer, we need to urge the young children to go out and do some physical excises, and playing in the back-yard area is good idea. We don’t need to go far, and we can less attention to the young children safety since they are at home.

    I think the water swimming pool is not easy to catch young children attention, no matter how big, how deep the swimming pool. Do you have any creative ideas for water play-area in the back-yard? like mini water theme park?

    Waiting to hear your creative idea about water in the back-yard play area.

  • I’m not a kid and I don’t have one, but I still want this pool. Is it weird?
    I remember I had one when I was younger and it was amazing. I used to call my friends and we had parties in there with our clothes on. Some of the greatest memories I have of my childhood was with that best backyard pool for kids.

  • Hi jenny and thanks for the comment on my backyard fun ideas website.
    i hear ya i had a pretty cool backyard swimming pool in my backyard for a few years and boy do i miss it. Time to get another one:)

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