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Growing up  you would want backyard swing sets for kids so not to miss out going in the park or the backyard and get on that backyard kids swing sets. Back then when safe swing sets for kids first came about  there was wood attached to rope. hanging from a tree. There are many variations of swing inventions from different countries.  According to history books the first backyard swing sets for kids was invented in 1923 in a park in Kettering.. Once Swings for kids began to show up in playgrounds the competition on making better wooden backyard swing sets for kids was in high demand so safety and regulations became the number one factor before going into parks then eventually school playgrounds.

They were a hot item even in the 1930s to present as  wooden swing sets for kids were a must to complete a playground. Over time swing sets included everything from ladders to slides or attached to a playhouse..Once these features started happening and backyard swing sets for kids and playhouses made of wood started to become the norm then inventors  wanted to do more. This is when the best metal swing sets for kids came about especially when splinters were starting to happen with the wooden swing sets for kids with all the extra attachments.

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The durability of your backyard swing sets for kids should be set up in a good roomy area and pending  on the age and size of the children will decide where the small backyard swing sets for kids will be placed and if a wood or metal swing set will be used.. The  Older children may not be to keen on a best metal swing sets for kids as  rust and corrosion where there is a good chance the best metal swing sets for kids will break apart on the corners or bend on the seams of the small backyard swing sets for kids.

The paint may chip off as well which will cause the swings to lose it endurance and longevity. of life. The best wooden swing sets for kids should have a longer life if treated and kept up to date as it is a sturdier swing set.which is better for the kids who play on the swings in public parks and school grounds.

While wooden swing sets for kids are better for schools and parks the best metal swing sets for kids are probably a better fit for indoors or the backyard at home.,

Best Metal swing sets for kids is a good source of heat conductors which makes this backyard kids swing sets way too hot when built in

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outside that is exposed to sun rays. A small child could suffer getting his or hers  skin pinched after using the swing that has moving chains and metal fasteners.

On the downside of the backyard wooden swing set for kids is pesky wasps like to nest around  the wooden swing set. Which is not good for any child riding the wooden swings. It definitely  is not a good option for kids with wasp allergies..

There is also the chemical factor wooden backyard swing sets for kids have in copper or alkaline which can be applied to pressure treated wood. that could cause major health risks like cancer in the lungs or cancer in the bladder. Plus do not forget the biggest threat is kids getting splinters from the wooden swing sets for kids in the backyard..

If you do decide to go with the backyard metal swing set outside you should set it up somewhere out of the sun and use the shade to protect the metal swing set in the shade. You should also replace the chain links and metal fasteners, a good   choice would go back to the roots of  swings and use rope in there place..

If you decide to go with the backyard wooden swings for kids then make sure its put together well an and the wood is very smooth so splinters are not an issue..

If your wooden swing set decides to break apart part replacing should be  easy without having to order a replacement part from the manufacturer of the swing set. However, wooden swings require more TLC then metal swings for kids so make sure you maintain painting the wood and tighten the screws and bolts.

Now for the  best metal swing sets for kids, you only need to watch for scrapes and scratches so just make sure they are properly sealed and finished. Painting the swings will also prevent them from rusting and corrosion of the metal. As well some best metal swing sets for kids come with cool looking plastic sheaths which really help protect the swing set from the humidity. outside.

As you know now wooden swing sets for kids need a lot more maintenance than the metal swing set, they are also more expensive. to purchase. Picking the right wooden swing set  requires you to spend more money to replace defective or broken parts.. Plus if you are not a handy man or good at building things you may want to hire a skilled professional or handyman.

There are so many ways to customize a backyard swings for kids set nowadays the limitations are just about  endless. Do you want a tree looking set or a kids swing sets playhouse? Would you like a cool slide or a rock climber, or both? the combinations are virtually endless A wooden swing set offers so many different kinds of looks compared to the metal swing set, Just create a base or structure then you can begin to add wanted pieces  until it takes final shape. Children will love an outdoor play area filled with a backyard swing sets for kids full of surprises.

You will find metal swings much harder to fully customize.  They are nowhere near like  wooden ones that enables you to  add or replace the parts. If you really want to customize the metal swing set the only way is order the parts from a manufacturer or dealer and improvise using mix and match  materials that can be bought from manufacturing companies.

The Metal swing set takes much  less time to put together than wooden swing sets for kids. and is defiantly favors the non builder or non DIY guy.

If putting together a wooden swing set, make sure you know what your doing and can grasp all the details that go with it, if not totally sure really consider hiring experienced swing builders to help so the backyard swing sets for kids is  perfectly safe and well built.

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If the swing set is in a school playground or park or even your backyard swing sets for kids have come along way especially in the customization department Backyard Kids Swing Sets today can made into  mini or large playground that puts big smiles on all the kids faces. Small backyard Swing sets for kids do come in so many different variations and it is very important to know which type, wood or metal, that will  best suit your your budget, your know how, and kids needs. Make sure safety is not an issue so everyone has complete worry free fun.

Best Metal swing set for kids may not be as customizable as wooden ones  but are much cheaper and easier to maintain and build. Wooden swing sets for kids last much longer  which is a perfect  piece of playground equipment in the park. Building one takes building know how but when built can be a thing of beauty. Which ever one you decide on is a good choice. Why backyard swings for kids because its for the kids and KIDS LOVE TO SWING IN THE BACKYARD SWING SETS FOR KIDS 🙂





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  • Great article. We own a small motel in a coastal area and are thinking about putting in some swings and children’s play area. I liked the comparison re metal and wood that you provided, I think in our case we would go for a wooden set as it wouldn’t be so susceptible to rust. Thank you very much for explaining the differences and the options. Cheers, Karen

  • Hello,
    Very well done. Your images are clear and really sell the durability and safety of the swing equipment. i really enjoyed reading this article and found it very easy to follow and to stay focused on the information. At first glance I thought that i would be a little bit distracted. Your writing feels like you’re really passionate about this and it is very clear you love children. I think this is a great way to help parents join their children when at play and learn more about them. Super Job!!

    • Hi Timothy and thanks for the comments on my Backyard Swing for Kids.Glad you enjoyed the post. Your right I do love children wish i had more than one but the one i have is a great a kid. He sure loved to swing when he was a younger..but didnt we all:) Thanks again.

  • really liked your site especially your front banner

    I remember my grandma having the best swing sets and everytime my brother and I would visit when we were kids, we would always play with them until it was time for dinner. makes me wish those days…

    aside from that i really like your article on backyard swings for kids nice post overall keep it up

    • Thanks for the comment on my post backyard swings for kids glad you enjoyed it and yes to be a kid again and have no worries in the world especailly when swinging on a backyard kids swing set..oh to be a kid again 🙂

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