I remember when my kid was small how he enjoyed playing in dirt and sand. Does this sound familiar to you.? Does your children like to play in the flower bed or garden and you have to keep telling them to get out of there and play somewhere else. Then how about sending them to a backyard sandbox ideas for kids.

The invention  of the sandbox fixes this problem for good. Backyard sandbox ideas will keep your kids out of the garden and in to the backyard sandboxes. Make sure you get some good kid safe sand to fill the sandboxes for kids. There are different types of sand you can get and not all of them are kid friendly so if possible get sand right off the beach or lake. That is the best as its real sand and is safe for the sandboxes for kids. If you cant get to a beach or lake just make sure you get sand that is approved for backyard sandboxes which will be be safe for the kids backyard sandbox.

At backyard fun ideas for kids and adults we use our experiences and read up on all our main products to help you choose the right product for the right age group. The sandbox ideas for kids is no different we went out and tested a few sandboxes and learned about a few others and we have come up with a list of  backyard sandboxes that we recommend or at least tell you about them to help you out on deciding the right sandbox ideas for kids for your child or children.

  1. KidKraft Cabana Sandbox – 

    kidcraft Sandbox
    kidcraft Sandbox Cabana

    KidKraft Cabana backyard Sandbox has the  kids imagining there on all kinds of amazing adventures and they dont even have to leave the backyard. They make there own backyard fun ideas for kids. The nice role up mesh even has windows which is perfect to help keep the kids protected from the hot rays of the sun, staying dry from the wet rain and the blowing winds, at the same time will keep them cool with the pull down windows.   This is one backyard sandbox that your kids will enjoy and can call there own. The KidKraft backyard Sandbox cabana style is constructed  with weather-resistant outdoor wood, and the sandboxes for kids even comes with three storage bins to hold toys and utensils for safe keeping. The roll-up cabana cover is made with a very sturdy kidkraft backyard Sandbox canopy canvas so you wont have to worry about the canvas coming down. So you see this sandbox ideas for kids has everything you need for your kids to enjoy for years to come.

    • Comes the Roll-up mesh cover includes 2 windows

    • The sandbox has 3 large storage bins to store the sandbox goodies

    • The colorful mesh is also included with backyard sandbox

    • The sandbox Includes a plastic liner that will go underneath the sand to protect the wood

    • The wood made for the Cabana Kidcraft backyard Sandbox is weather-resistant


  2. The Frame It All Composite Hexagon Sandbox

    Frame It All Sandbox
    Frame It All backyard Sandbox

    The Frame It All Sandbox for your backyard  hexagon style provides super building blocks for a child to use his or her imagination and will discover a whole new world inside the backyard sandboxes for kids. It is Simple to build with no special tools required. This sandbox is also easy to maintain and keep clean. Wood timbers make your backyard  landscaping investment look very professional. When your child outgrows this sandbox you can easily use it as a nicely raised garden bed. The Hexagon frame it all  canopy can easily turn into a beautiful cover with the flip of the levers. When the canopy is used it provides shade from the burning sun and protects your kids exposed skin from harmful UV rays. When it is used as a cover it also protects the backyard sandbox ideas from the rain as well as being used as a litter box by cats or other pesky animals. The domed construction also prevents water accumulation which will help prevent mosquito’s from breeding in the large covered sandbox. The 7 ft. x 8 ft. Frame it all canopy also covers and integrates with any 7 ft. x 8 ft. hexagon Frame It All sandbox. The telescoping poles connect into stacking joints at the corners of the  sandboxes for kids. Frame it all Sandbox Canopy is fully collapsible for easy storage if needed.

      • This backyard sandbox ideas Eco-friendly timbers and joints are made with recycled plastics and natural fiber, contains no toxic chemicals as well.

      • Very Low maintenance: with the timbers which will not rot or warp or splinter, will not even fade.

      • Composite boards are made from post-consumer recycled plastic with excellent hardwood fibers

      • Frame it all backyard sandbox Canopy/cover is made with waterproof polyester fabrics

    • Frame it all  Hexagon Sandbox can be assembled and attaches to the canopy in under 5 minutes!


  3. Badger Basket Covered Convertible Cedar Sandbox Canopy

Badger Basket Sandbox
Badger Basket Covered Sandbox

Badger Basket’s Covered Convertible Cedar Sandbox with Canopy and Two Bench Seats with Seat Pads are sure to become your kids favorite hangout for his best friends! The badger basket covered sandboxes for kids featuring two benches and measures 46.5 inches Long x 46.5 inches Wide x 9.5 inches High. Overall there is plenty of room for several kids to play and dig and build, as well as they can all explore together. The two benches fold flat and the cushions will stay in place! The cover will protect the sand when the backyard sandbox ideas play time is finished! The large backyard sandbox hand grips make it easy to fold and unfold.

Bottomless construction helps with drainage which allows you to adjust the depth of the sand. The badger basket sandbox canopy is heat-treated and the stained cedar wood and rust-resistant hardware is also heat treated. The steel hinges are stainless steel and the screws are also zinc plated. All cedar finishes are non-toxic. The comfortable seat pads are also custom fitted to fit the  badger sandbox benches and are always made with 100% polyester fabric and thick foam padding. When the benches unfold for play the open sand area measures 31 inches x 44.75 inches. Sand is also included for under the benches.

Its a good idea not to install the large covered sandbox ideas for kids on top of bricks or pavers and concrete blocks because this will interfere with proper drainage and could cause major damage to the best sand kids sandbox . Each bench will support up to 200 lbs and can hold up to 750 pounds of sand. The badger basket sandbox seat pads attach securely with the grip tape straps and yiu can remove them at anytime you feel fit. There is a 30 Day Warranty on Parts to the original purchaser. Sand is not included. For easy assembly you only need a screwdriver. Illustrated step by step instructions are included.


So there you have it our 3 recommended backyard sandbox ideas and if you want take a look at all of our  kids sandbox sale we have on-sale and pick a kids outdoor sandbox that will keep your child playing in there sandbox ideas for kids.


Kidkraft Sandbox
Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox




  • Man, the world is changing fast! As a kid, I never dreamed that a sandbox would become so elaborate X) Thanks for all of the detailed information. I think my favorite is the “Badger Basket”. The little benches and canopy make it look so cool! If I were still a kid, I’d probably ask my mom to buy it for me XD

    • Hi there Jess and thanks for the comment on my backyard sandbox ideas post. And that’s a good choice i like the Badger Basket sandbox as well..Oh to be a kid again is right 🙂

  • Love these backyard sandboxes for kids! They definitely look big enough for some serious fun, and I love that there are a bunch to choose from that have shade features. And seats that can hold an adult… when I’m playing with my two kids in a sandbox, I personally want to be seated on wood, not damp sand, haha.
    What’s your preference for sand type? I have a friend who bought a huge load of “beach sand” not knowing it was soft white, not packing sand. And packing sand of some sort is definitely what kids want most. Is there something I should be asking for?

    • Hi Marlaine and thanks for the comment on my backyard sandbox ideas post. These sandboxes are really cool. When i was a kid i never got a chance to enjoy a sandbox quite like these ones. As for the sand idea i find some of the best sand to use is the Jurassic Mojave Beige Play Sand. Its all natural beige sand direct from the desert. It has no dust or chemical dyes as well it wont upset a child’s asthma or allergies. The sand is perfect for outdoor sandboxes. I hope this helps and thanks again for the comment. 

  • I fondly remember playing with my tiny friends (when I was also tiny) in all kinds of sandboxes. It was almost like somebody was kind enough to bring the beach to you in the middle of the city.

    I think these sandboxes are also great for home use to keep the kiddies out of trouble (or at least localise the mischief to one small area!)

    Great post!

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