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At backyard fun ideas we supply your family with an amazing amount of  ideas for your fun backyard ideas as well as backyard fun for adults. Our ideas include a safe and healthy environment so everyone can play safe. We offer for your children playhouses, best backyard trampolines, kids backyard swing sets, backyard sandboxes, basketball hoops and for the whole family croquet sets, lawn darts, horse shoes, and badminton sets and for the Adults backyard patio sets. . Another backyard fun for kids we offer after having all that fun in the sun in your backyard fun ideas are enjoyable patio sets to relax and enjoy beverages and good food. You can  even try backyard camping with kids. Most all kids love to go camping so if you cant make it to the mountains try kids backyard camping  it can still be camping and we know your kids will still enjoy the experience and will remember how fun backyard camping really is and will want to teach it and experience it when they have kids .

Our most popular backyard fun game Giant Jenga

Comes with 56 – 7.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″ New Zealand timbers 1 Large Dice 1.9″ x 1.9″ x 1.9″

Includes high-quality and high-strength nylon carrying case. Includes Six Bright Colors Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple and Orange

Game can grow to over 5-feet while playing

The perfect game for backyard summer parties or family functions

New twist on an old classic game with 54 pieces of colored wood which to build a tower, take turns playing by throwing the dice that will tell you which color of the block must be removed from the tower. If on your turn the tower falls your out of the game.



Backyard fun ideas for kids want you to get the children out to play and leave the video games alone for awhile.
So please do yourself a favor and get the kids outside in the backyard and play. We know that children need to get exercise on a daily basis in order to keep healthy and in good spirits. We also know playing outside will improve your children’s motor skills and focus which helps a child grow and be more focused in school and more friendly with there friends at home and at school. As well how can we forget a child in the backyard playing means much wanted quiet time for you so you can take a much deserved break. Children playing outside gives a child much needed exercise to stay nice and healthy for when they grow into teens and adults. Our fun backyard ideas for play time fun will do just that for sure. Here are 3 of our favorite ideas that will put smiles on the faces of any child who enjoys backyard fun.

Our most popular backyard fun idea for kids. Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber

These jungle gyms on sale have a very strong innovative design which makes this jungle gym climber an incredible climbing jungle gym so your kids will be able to hang on to the bars with ease and stay on with no problems.

This jungle gym domes for kids are perfect for kids between 3-12 and can can handle weight up to an incredible 600-pounds and has no Lead-Based Materials.

This Jungle gyms for the backyard when fully assembled is an amazing 10-feet in diameter and an incredible 5-feet in height. This is the most popular backyard jungle gym we offer and gets great reviews.

There is a Full 1-year warranty with this jungle gyms for kids and this Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber makes a perfect gift for the summer and backyard fun for kids.

Through our experiences and research making time to play with your children outside in the park or backyard  is extremely important in the development and bonding within the family. The parents will too have fun playing with their children watching them grow up into a responsible adult and model citizen. Its not only the kids that just want to play the computer or watch TV but the parents can get tied up in that as well so everyone benefits getting off the couch and venturing outside to have fun together and play together.  Once you start playing with your kids you will realize that it was very much worth it. There is nothing more satisfying then watching your kids laugh and have fun. So after going through a list of fun activities we have come up with our 3 favorite easy to do activities and games to do with your kids to have backyard fun ideas.

1) Play a game with balls Kids really enjoy playing with balls and with so many  kinds of balls playing with them will always be fun for the kids. Try a basketball and play a game of hoops. Maybe a baseball kids love to play catch with a glove and baseball. How about a football, throwing and kicking a football is lots of fun as well. Then there is a soccer ball probably these easiest ball to play with. KICK IT that,s it but watch how fun a soccer ball can be s well. Think of other balls that your child would like and go for it balls are fun!


Our most popular backyard fun idea ball game. Spikeball 3 Ball Kit.

AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK – Spikeball is a fun, active, and competitive 2 on 2 outdoor sports game Kind of like an updated futuristic volleyball game.

FOLDABLE LEGS make the product tougher. Errant dives and falls happen, these legs can take the abuse.

ADJUSTABLE NET – Play at the tournament level or tailor the net, More bounce for newer players, Less bounce for advanced players.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Purchase Spikeball and we’ll replace any broken part, free of charge, forever. MAKES A PERFECT GIFT FOR THE ACTIVE SPORT KIDS OR ADULTS IN YOUR LIFE.

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2) Play Grounds  – Who doesn’t like going on backyard swings for kids or going down a slide or ride the seesaw.  Any child from the age of 1 year old to 12 years old love the backyard playground and all the equipment that goes with it, You can make a cool playground in the backyard ideas

for kids or go to a park or school and enjoy everything that goes with it. Kids love the backyard playground so how about having one in your backyard fun ideas for kids.

Our Most popular PLAY SET. Swing-N-Slide Tremont Tower Play Set  ON SALE !

Safety is our #1 priority. Our company test each play set, so you’re assured your kids play safe.

Everything is illustrated for easy assembly. Instructions included are also illustrated

Both turbo tube slide and the cool wave slide are made in the USA and feature a Lifetime Warranty against cracks and breaks.

This Playset Features 2 swings, 1 glider, 1 telescope, 1 picnic table and a ladder.

This award winning playset patented bracket system saves you time so you can build and play the same day.Weight Limit is 115LBS.

3) Just add Water Most all  Kids and backyard fun for adults of any age from infants to teenagers love playing with water or going in water. Get your baby  in a water basin  and a toy or 2 and watch have the splashing fun begin. The older children love water guns, sprinklers and pools. All of these water activities are amazing good ideas to get your kids involved in if they aren’t already. Water cleans, water cools water rules 🙂

Our most popular kids swimming pool ON SALE H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool.

This Bestway 118″ pool is Rectangular and is a great size for families with young children and small spaces. The shallow depth of theis pool makes it perfect for kids who are becoming more adept at paddling.

This rectangular pool is incredibly quick and easy it is to put together. The frame of the swimming pool is made by joining steel poles together with ‘T’ connectors and ‘C’ clips. Every step of the construction process is included in the dvd instructions and carefully thought out to make it easy and hassle-free to build The Bestway 118″ rectangular Splash Frame Pool also has a built-in flow control drain valve, can be attached to a garden hose to fill the pool or drain it. Makes a perfect summertime gift for the whole family. This swimming pool for kids gets great reviews as well so need a backyard pool then this is the one to get.


Whether it’s your kids with friends in a new backyard sandbox or jumping on a best backyard trampoline or swinging on nice backyard kids swing set, maybe even playing in a cool new backyard playhouse for kids we have it all covered here for your backyard fun. For the older children or teenagers we got them covered too. Like how about a badminton set maybe some horseshoes, lawn darts or a good old fashion games of basketball hoops that should keep the children for wanting more backyard fun. Now get get the whole family outside and play a good game of croquet or cool off and take a dip in the swimming pool, so whatever it might be do your whole family a favor and go outside get to the backyard ad most of all HAVE FUN! Hope this helps have a great summer and enjoy Backyard fun ideas.


Pong Caddie The Revolutionary NEW Beer Pong Table. Improves the Gameplay. Stops Cheaters Leaning. STOPS You From Chasing The Pong Balls. The nets will trap the missed bounce attempts and deflects the pong balls into a pocket, not on your floor. This will Improve dirty issues the balls will get due to them ending up on the dirty floor. And who wants to chase balls around anyways , it slows down the game big time.

We really want to thank you for visiting our website and hope we have made it an enjoyable experience for you. We will always carry backyard fun ideas for everyone and  we are continually updating and adding new fun


ideas for the backyard to make outdoors more enjoyable and more fun. If you want to keep updated on all our ideas and products please sign up to our newsletter and you will be the first to experience our new fun backyard ideas for kids and backyard fun products.

Thanks again and please remember play with your kids outdoors and most of all play safe and thanks for visiting us at fun backyard ideas . 🙂



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